I'm late. I know. I'm sorry! It's not exactly my fault. I mean it is my fault but I didn't know I'd have so much fun. Let me tell you how my day went:
I got a phone call from Jessica, my long lost friend from Fayetteville that I caught back up with in Charleston then lost touch with again when she moved to Alaska. She's in Chicago. We went to lunch w/her & her 3 kids. I also met her husband. He's a huge improvement over the last one.
I walked around and handed resumes out. Not as many as planned & not in the neighborhood planned but the phone call from Jessica was unexpected so I wanted to see her while she was in town. Since I was going to be downtown anyways, I figured I'd stay down there until I met with the meetup group for happy hour. I guess I could have blogged from my phone while I had hot chocolate to waste time but it didn't occur to me.
Then I went to happy hour at Howl At The Moon. I knew NO ONE! But, I decided to be friendly and started chatting it up with a girl named Andy, super nice but I think she didn't like me. She kept trying to cut in on me talking to this dude but she was quasi dating his friend. Plus, I didn't really mind her cutting in, I don't know this dude. He was nice but I wasn't going to get all jealous. Whatevs. However, Howl At The Moon was SO fun! I mean, I expected I'd enjoy it but it was so much fun. I was there for 7 hours! 7 hours! That's a really long time. But me and the cut-in dude were having fun & dancing like white people (I think those were his real dance moves...) so time just flew by. Now it's super late and I must go to bed. I guess this means I failed NaBloPoMo but I think it was for a good reason. Plus, I wasn't very likely to win a prize anyways. I'll still blog everyday the rest of the month though. Nighty night! ***and no mother, I'm not drunk. ****

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