So I had plans on going out & enjoying this gorgeous weather that Chicago has been having. But I got out of bed today and wow, it's so sad that I'm sore from walking. My feet ache, as well as my hips. This must be a sign that I really am getting old. I may go out for a short walk just to stretch things out a bit. Right now though, I'm trying to decide if I want to eat off-brand Cinnamon Life or BooBerries for breakfast. One of those was my buy, the other was C..I'll let you guess which was which. Oh and at Target last night, they had the most amazing thing! Well, it was pretty simple actually but it amazed me. The cashier scanned the paper towels and he untaped this strip of Target symbols. I thought it was just for proof that we bought them...but then he taped it the wrong way. IT WAS A HANDLE! Sometimes, I feel like a bit of a country bumpkin in this town...but they just have so many cool things!
Also, I'm having a harder time than I expected trying to adjust to not having Evie around. I was out yesterday and kept thinking I should get home to check on her. Then this morning, I kept expecting to hear her whine so I would know it was time to take her out. She'd be having a lot of fun here, especially with all the walking I will be doing. I don't think I can take her on the el though...so our walks would be much shorter!
Finally, has anyone heard of Instagram? It's an IPhone app and it's like Twitter but with pictures instead of tweets. I think it'd be fun, especially while exploring Chicago. Of course, I don't have an Iphone...but supposedly the Droid version is called Instaroid (sounds like a disease, like hemmorhoids but faster). From what I read about Instaroid, it's exactly the same as Instagram & I can even follow Instagram users. I'm not sure if Instagram users can follow me. Anyone know anything about this? I'm also looking at Instapics. It's $1.99...so I'm less likely to buy that one!
& In case you're wondering, the BooBerries won!


Anonymous said...

yeah, that handle stuff is high tech! LOL

Emily/Randomability said...

ohhhhh... you should get Runkeeper or some other GPS app for your phone so you'll know how far you walk. I'm not sure what Droid has.

Enjoy Chicago!! I'm just a few hours south of you now. :D

Heto said...

I wondered how you were doing without Evie. I hope she's not too sad without you :(