Why, of course you aren't a serial killer!

So maybe the patient who told me I have to learn to not be so trusting was right. I went to a "Nuts & Bolts" singles mixer last night. It was actually more fun than I was expecting & definitely something outside of my comfort level. I went around talking to people & even ran into someone I knew! I know...it's been 3 days, how do I know someone? But it was one of the girls that I met while volunteering. I said "Hey! You're the girl from the thing, right?" She said yes.
Anyways, overall it was a fun night. I met an older Irish gentlemen. All the Irish people I've met (2, to be exact) have been very sarcastic. This one said he was a Calvin Klein underwear model. He started listing the perks of his job...he forgot to mention that he doesn't have to wear pants all day. That's a perk for him, not the people around him. I think he was kidding though.
I kept running into this 1 other guy, Victor. He caught my eye when he first walked in as one of the better looking guys there. We ran into each other a few times, made a couple "matches" with our nuts/bolts. He said he thought it was really funny that people got so focused on making "matches" that they would forget to talk to the people attached to the nut/bolt. I could definitely see that. I asked him what the prizes were - lemonheads. No, seriously, lemonheads. There were a few other things, starbucks gift card, a dozen roses to carry around the rest of the night. I had to laugh when I realized what the prizes were so I quit trying to make matches and stuck around talking to this guy. (He did actually win the grand prize, a weekend getaway to Kewaunee, WI. No, he didn't invite me. No, I wouldn't have gone).
After the mixer wrapped up, we decided to go try someplace else. We went to a cafe across the street & grabbed a piece of pie. After that, he recommended going to a bar near my house - Hopleaf. I really liked that bar when I went earlier this week, so I agreed. It was maybe 2 miles down the road so he offered to drive, since he had his car. I GOT IN HIS CAR! After I got in, I thought to myself "Well, crap. I hope he's not a serial killer. What if he tampered with his door handle & I can't get out? What if we don't go where he said we would? I'm going to die." But clearly since I'm writing this I didn't die. Perhaps I am a little too trusting though...things to learn in the city!

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Heto said...

Um, next time you go to one of these mixers, will you text someone when you get into some dude's car?