Another good one!

Well, good news - I beat Plants vs Zombies last night so I shouldn't have anymore 3am nights. Bad news? I slept way too late yet again. However, I had a really productive day (in my mind anyways). I had a phone interview which then turned into a real interview set for Monday. It's to work the recall list all day...which sounds pretty lame but it's a job. I sold myself pretty well. Then, I plotted out where to drop off my hygiene resume in the Lincoln Park area. I also printed out 30 copies of my resume to be handed out at above offices. I printed it up in a nice little Excel spreadsheet. Yeah, I look pretty organized. To me at least.
I also walked down the Southport corridor which was pretty awesome. I stopped and talked to Uncle Dan about layering & socks. I found some boots for Evie, only $65!! But they are so cute, they look just like little hiking boots! But they are for dogs!
Then I walked the almost 2 miles back home...which means I walked close to 4 miles again today. I decided it was ok to skip running since I walked my butt off 2 days in a row!

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