*SCREAM* (in an excited way)

What a productive day today has been! I slept in a little bit, but not too late, woke up & took a shower after making sure I was out of Magda's way. She's the maid. I played on the computer for a bit and walked with Chase down to the Crafty Beaver. Get your mind out of the gutter. It's a hardware store! We came back to the house & I left for the Field Museum. I only got a little bit lost getting there. I met Victor, the firefighter guy from Friday night, and we wandered the museum. I learned that I do not really enjoy natural history, I do want to be mummified upon my death - not before!!!, and that Victor does not correctly know Chicago history. No really, he told me that the new Macy's on State Street used to be Carson Pirie Scott (or whatever that store is). Nevermind the big plaques on the side of the building that say Marshall Fields. Or that Chase was just telling me earlier about the Macy's. Or that I had heard about Marshall Fields turned Macy's at some other point in my life. But, he tried to give me an inaccurate tour, which I suppose was nice.
As though that weren't a productive enough day, I got home (rode the bus, so crowded but smelled better than the el) and went to Target. Chase & Clint hung the most awesome giant tv in my room. Ok, maybe not giant but it is big, especially compared to what I used to have. Then, they hung a wobbly shelf so I can watch cable & netflix in my room. The shelf says it can hold up to 18 pounds but I made a promise not to test that weight limit.
As though that weren't enough, I GOT CURTAINS IN MY ROOM! I no longer have to choose between getting dressed in the bathroom or having the guys at the tow yard next door potentially see my nakedness. I don't think I have to say which one I went with...but I am on the 3rd floor, they probably couldn't see anything anyways unless they were on the roof.
AS THOUGH THAT WEREN'T ENOUGH!!! I know, how much can you possibly fit in 1 day? we got the closet cleaned out & I got more hangars so I can hang the rest of my clothes, put stuff on the top of the closet & on the floor. Plus, Chase said they might get an entertainment center so if they do, I can have the cube thingie that the tv sits on right now. Which is what I was leaning towards anyways...but this one is free, even better!!!
I'm supposed to be hanging clothes now. But I'm tired from the rest of my day...so maybe I'll do that tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

sounds like you had an exciting day... productive is getting a job! :-)