Modern Family Marathon Day

I have done almost nothing today. I did manage to take a shower. And fold laundry. That's it. I also looked online & applied for some dental hygiene jobs. I found a job for an HR recruiter for hygienists & assistants. I think that would be fun. I always wonder why in the world people would possibly hire person X because clearly, they are horrible! If I got that job, I would not have to hire person X! It's going to take a complete redo of my resume though so I didn't apply for that one. Yet. Maybe later.
I would highly recommend buying stock in BandAids. I will go through a million of them living in Chicago. So much walking, so many blisters, so many bandaids.
I did find out about this super cool pizza place, Great Lake, that I would like to try. It only seats 14 & you can have a few hours wait but the owners will actually call your cell phone when your table is ready, so you can peruse the neighborhood. Plus, they use all local ingredients. The menu often only has 3-4 pizzas at a time, so hopefully they'll have good ones when I get around to going!

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