It Was A Good Try NaBloPoMo

Well I didn't blog yesterday. It's not that I forgot but by the time I remembered, I was out and thought it might be rude to bust out my phone and blog. Then when I got home, I fell asleep. My bad NaBloPoMo. Things were going so well!
Anyways, I'm back in Chicago now. We're due for a possible wintery mix today, with rain or snow showers in the afternoon. Then, on Tuesday, up to 1 inch of snow! Snow! This is so exciting! Snow! And my mama sent me my new rain boots and they got here just in time for the snow. I can go traipsing about in my shiny new red rain boots.
I also have a potential date later on today. I know, how am I landing all these dates? I don't really know! Me? A girl from SC who got NO dates back home! Me? This one sounds like it's going to be great....except the guy tends to be kinda boring. He was the one from Howl at the Moon who danced and was super fun. But as soon as we left a fun environment, he became lame. Today's date includes: Fiddler on the Roof (a Broadway in Chicago performance), the Christmas lights on Michigan Avenue and dinner. The lights are a weather permitting deal though. Learned that lesson last night, on a date with a different guy. Well, I think it was a date, I'm not sure. We went to see the lights at the Lincoln Park Zoo but it was rainy and not the best weather for it.

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