I went to Ikea today. I wanted to see if I could find an inexpensive dresser to store tee shirts & whatnot in. I got there and it was huge! There were 3 stories! I walked in to...nothing. There was an escalator and a wall. I chose the escalator. It escalated me upstairs to another wall. There were bins of $5 and under things so I stopped to look. Upon closer examination, it wasn't actually another wall. There was stuff behind the wall. A lot of stuff. So much stuff. I didn't know where to begin, but I knew I was hungry so I thought I'd start with lunch & take in the vastness of this building. I got a ton of food for so cheap! I tried the cheese ravioli with steamed veggies & a parmesan cream sauce. I didn't ask for chicken but the lady behind the counter didnt' seem to speak English so she gave it to me anyways.
After lunch, it was time to buckle down & do what I came there for. I went in search of bedroom furniture. I didn't love any of it. I mean, it was nice but there was only 1 piece that would fit with the traditional decor of Chase's house. I didn't love that piece. Then I began to think that maybe I'd get one of those cube thingies and put baskets in there. I still might do that but I'm not sure. I can get cheaper cube thingies at Target but I like the storage bins better at Ikea. I'm going to look on Craigslist to see if I can find something I like better.
Oh, right...I almost forgot. At lunch, I tried to steal someone's tray. It was an empty tray but she was standing beside this cart that had empty trays on it. I went to grab for one & she said I'm using that. I must have looked pretty confused because she pointed out where the much bigger stack of empty trays were. I had walked right past them but she was pushing a cart that held multiple trays of food. It was crazy.

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