Hips Don't Lie

You know that Shakira song, "Hips Don't Lie"? Well, it's true. My hips are not lying when they say ooooowwww! I did a lot of walking today and I'm all achy again. My hips and my feet. Ooooooowwww!
Anyways, I got stopped by another crazy today. Do I attract crazies? Maybe so. I was waiting on the bus, just minding my own business and this guy appears out of nowhere, right up in my face and had me almost trapped in the bus shelter. He says "I want to tell you this story." I cut him off and said "I...I...I...I can't, I have to..." and then I ran off. I would like the crazies to leave me alone. Maybe I just look too nice? Hmmm....I'll wear my mean face from now on.

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