What a Day

I don't think I'm going to like today. I woke up to a really good dream at 6am and realized I was wide awake. Nevermind that it's 6am and I'm off work today. I thought I'd go ahead and wake up. I rolled over to check my cell phone and had a text from a friend so I responded....and had no cell phone service. My phone repeatedly says it is searching for a signal and so I think (based on a 7am phone call that lost it's signal before I could answer) it is sending said text over and over. and over. and over. I'm pretty sure my friend hates me right now. I know I would. It's too early for phone malfunctions.
Fortunately I'm off work today so I can go over to Verizon. Hopefully it's an easy fix because I have no intention on buying a new phone today. If it's not...well....hmmm...can I really go 3 months without a cell phone? That's when I'm eligible for my next "free" phone. I say "free" because there are very few (*none) phones that I would want that you can get for the $150 allotment they give you.
Yikes...what a start to the day. So much for productivity.

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