So my date the other night was really good - I had high hopes for it anyways. We went to a play called The North Plan - it was pretty funny. Then we tried to go to a wine bar but the one we headed towards was closed...so we went to Hamburger Mary's (the food smelled soooo good!) and had a couple drinks, then it was home by midnight. And don't worry - my outfit looked adorable!
We're going out again tomorrow night, this time for fondue. Apparently the night I met him I mentioned that I wasn't eating carbs for Lent (that's come up a lot...it's on my mind a lot!) so he searched for an Atkin's restaurant where I could actually eat something. Since such a restaurant doesn't exist, at least not in Chicago, we're going to fondue. Soooo...I have to withstand the bread. Other than that I can eat everything else. Oh and no chocolate fondue. Unfortunately those are my 2 favorite things!!!
I'm a little suspicious though - he seems a little too, well, functional. He's really cute, dresses pretty well, is nice...and hasn't tried to get in my pants. I know it's only been 1 date...but compared to others...he's a winner! I'm waiting for whatever is wrong with him to show itself though...

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