Whoa Crazy!

I had a dream about C the other night. I dreamed he was pale. Like hadn't been going to the tanning bed. I almost didn't recognize him. Plus he was...well...not fat...but not lean. Like he actually had some meat to his face. Hmmm. Weird.
In other non-related news, I have a date on Saturday. We're going to see a play at the theater. That's right, I'm headed to a fancy date. Well, not fancy...but just something that I never could have done in Charleston. Well, I guess I could have..but I didn't really know many people (and certainly not guys) who went to the theater. I'm a little nervous but mostly because I'm not sure what to wear. I'm leaning towards skinny jeans, a pair of flats and a cute top. But he's a little taller, so should I put on heels? I wish I had some of my summer tops here - I could pair it with a sweater and be ok but they are still in NC until next week.
Speaking of which...I'm headed home next week! I leave on Wednesday. I'm so excited to see everyone. Also to eat Bojangles. I have done mostly great with the no carbs thing but I'm ready to make up for that with a dozen biscuits and some fried chicken.

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