Ready for Sunshine!

Well we had a few really great sunshiney days. It was so nice - mid 70's, so hot but not too hot. The sunshine was just enough to warm my cheeks! It was amazing! But now? It's back to 50-60 outside...and windy. I took my bike out for a ride today, thinking it wouldn't be too bad but man, it was really cold! With the usual wind plus the wind I created with my speedy bike (haha!), my fingers were numb.
Anyways, when it finally gets warm again, I want to get a pair of roller blades. That'll be my next exercise activity to do along the lake front. Oh and guess what? The water here? It's blue! I don't know what to think of that. I'm used to the murky brown Atlantic...it's so pretty to look out and see blue water!
Ok I have to get back to my latest exception: Tiny Tower. It's a game on my phone and it's so pointless but so fun. You create an apartment building and you keep building new floors, which are residential floors or you pick a business to operate from that floor. Then you try to employ your bitizens (not a typo, they're itty bitty!) in the type of business that they like to work at. Like I said, pointless...but addictive.

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