Pumped Up Kicks

I bought a new pair of work shoes today. We're required to wear black or grey shoes, although my current pair is black with sparkly purple toes and they've been ok. The only thing is they start to hurt my feet. I'm not sure if it's the floors (not much cushioning) or if it's the shoes but I've had my eye on a pair of shoes for a while and was waiting on them to go on sale. They're Pumas. Pumas NEVER go on sale. Well, hardly ever. And if it's a really good sale, my size always sells out before I can get to a computer. So when I got an email this morning saying 25% off for Mother's Day, I realized my mother would want me to have a new pair of shoes!
I have 2 other pairs of these shoes, but in different colors. I always get compliments on how cool/cute my shoes area. My other pairs are an electric blue & pink, or purple & a pinkish orange. They are pretty cool. I didn't realize it when I bought them but they are running shoes and are actually pretty comfortable to run in. There is not a ton of support but that's ok with me. They have a really thin sole and are basically just mesh covering the rest of your foot.
Aren't these just the coolest shoes you've ever seen? And they are all mine!

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Anonymous said...

can you pretty please tell me what model of puma is this @ i' ve been looking for smthing with thin sole like these @ ps : be carefull thin soles do not cushion and with time this affects your knees and lumbar region