Phone is fixed! It meant restoring it to factory settings, which meant losing a few unsaved phone numbers and my Tiny Tower...but it meant a working phone. It didn't cost me $1 million dollars like I was expecting either. It was free, aside from the whole losing Tiny Tower thing. That cost dearly. I was at 56 floors and 100 bitizens! Not anymore. I'm at 3 floors, 5 bitizens. Big deduction.
I had a great day off though. I got my underarms waxed (so needed!), had a good lunch and got my haircut. However, I have one big problem. I know this is going to sound horrible and self centered but I really need people here to stop commenting on how pretty I am. I mean, it's nice to hear but awkward when I have my shirt off and getting my underarms waxed. Also, it's starting to go to my head. Now I don't want anyone to be like "dang, that girl is ugly. Did her daddy beat her with the ugly stick?"...but I'd also like to be able to go to the bathroom without someone stopping me. It's awkward and unneccessary.

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