Dinner Party

I hosted a small get together at the house tonight. I invited a few friends over and tried my hand at mexican food. My guacamole got pretty good reviews. I also made mexican potatoes & chile rellanos, as well as tacos. Oh and you can't forget the margaritas!! Everyone said it was very good, but you know me, I am clearly going to be a little more critical than the average person.
My guacamole was too chunky. I didn't have a masher and did the best I could with a fork. My potatoes were good...but would have liked a little more flavor. Therefore the chile rellanos they were stuffed in were lacking in flavor as well.
I tried though. It was almost a dinner party (see 30x30) and at least an attempt at chile rellanos (also 30x30). There will be another attempt when I'm ready to brave this again.
I did invite The Guy's friend over to my party...he was nice. He was very gracious for being invited over...I hope I made a good first impression. After all, if the friends like me, The Guy should like me even more!!

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