Hello, I'm Jaded!

I should wear a name tag that says My Name is Jaded. Because that's what I am. My friend Jess asked if I wanted to go to a match.com happy hour thing that she got invited to. She knows most of my dating history and as a fellow single girl, she's usually willing to help if she can. I replied with a cheery "sure, that sounds fun. I might be a little late since I have to work but I'll get there as close to 6 as I can." Things seemed settled - happy hour/potential love interests, here we come!
Then she asked how things were with B. I told her I hadn't heard from him in a few days and I thought he had lost interest. It sucked because I liked him but I pretty much expected it to happen. It always does. She was like "whoa, did you try to get in touch with him?" Of course the answer to that is no! I could have called or text him but he made it very clear at the beginning of the week that he was going to be busy. Clearly that meant too busy to call or text. And if he's too busy for me...well, I can pretend to be too busy for him! She paused as though she though I were being silly (which I am) and said "well, maybe he really is busy this week" to which I replied with a "yeah but he could have taken 2 seconds to send a hi text...if he was thinking about me and really that interested, he would have been in touch. And he wasn't. So he isn't." I explained to her that really, it was ok. B was a really nice guy and he was sweet and great but sweet/great guys don't stay around. Not for me at least. I was ok with it, it was a fact of life and I had gotten used to it. I was tired of putting myself out there and getting stomped on...so I just wasn't willing to invest myself by making a phone call or sending a text. Maybe if I knew he was interested...but at this point, it's early..not too late to duck & roll out of the way of the mack truck heading for my heart.
I think Jess is regretting asking me to this Happy Hour event now. Not that I can blame her. She made me promise not to be a Debbie Downer, to which I obliged. I explained I was ok with guys buying me drinks and chatting. It's the whole dating/relationship aspect I wasn't wanting, but the likelihood of that happening at a dating happy hour - none!

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