Cracking Up

I started seeing a chiropractor today. I've seen one before but never on a regular basis. Since I no longer have access to my favorite, most talented chiropractor ever...I had to settle for a new one here in Chicago. I'm still not decided if this new doctor is going to be amazing and change my life. She's a little small and she comes so close to cracking certain spots but never quite gets me there...it's a sad feeling.
I do like the approach of the office though - they approach they use is supposed to a)get me out of pain/discomfort and b)stop it from happening again.
So today was Day 1 - there was some adjusting, some laying on pillows with the physical therapist. Well, she wasn't laying down with me. She gave me the pillows and supervised me laying there. I was pretty good at it. Then there were injections of something called Sarapin into my "trigger points" which are little balls of muscle fibers that didn't heal as they should.
Then I got home and had an email with a list of stretches. I made it through the stretches but some of them, I'm supposed to do 3x daily! When am I supposed to find this time!?!?! I mean I could do them while sitting on the bus riding to/from work but that would look weird. I don't want to be the weird person.
I go back on Wednesday for Day 2 of more of the same things...fingers crossed this fixes my posture/back/neck pain!


Anonymous said...

if you do them on the bus, please take video!

donetes S.A said...

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