So You Think You Can Dance?

I went to a wedding last night - I was acting the part of the nanny for my friend. Her husband was unable to attend and she didn't want to go alone with her 3 kids. So I got roped into going and entertaining the kids. The kids LOVE to dance, especially Boy (6 yrs old) and so as soon as the dance floor was opened to everyone, he wanted to go out there. Girl (8 yrs old) also joined him but quickly realized they were the only ones out there. So then came the question: "Miss Kristin, will you come dance with us?" How could I say no? I figured since I knew absolutely no one at the wedding that, sure I would go be the only adult on the dance floor. So out I went and I pretty much stayed out there for the next 3 hours though I did escape occasionally to get more "adult juice".
All my stellar dance skills paid off though. As we were packing up to leave, one of the guys who was serving the dinner came up and asked for my number. Had the worst pickup line EVER (well, maybe not ever but it was pretty bad) of "You look like you like to dance. Well I do too, but I could really use a dance partner." I got confused and thought he meant right then. I was confused because he was getting paid to dance? What exactly was his job again....? He cleared things up and said he meant later. So numbers exchanged and I headed home, eager to crawl in my bed and get some sleep. I must have been extra confused (it happens) because Waiter (who is not a wait-er) called twice last night. Apparently when he said "later", he meant later that same night...not later in the week. Over eager, much?

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Debbie said...

these random matches never seem to turn out well.....'nough said?!