Week 1: check

Today concludes the first full week of January and I'm happy to report I have stuck to my resolutions so far.
1)I went to the gym 4 times this week...and ran today with my cheerleaders. There were 3 out of the 4 times that I really really didn't want to go but I pushed through it. I may not have stayed for as long as I should have and all I did this week was cardio but hey, baby steps, right?
2) I ate out less than 3 times this week. Ok, well...technically I ate out A LOT this week. But, I, myself, paid to eat out less than 3 times this week. So it's an improvement. I was driving home today and I really really wanted to stop and get some fast food. French fries, greasiness, bubbliness...all of it, pile it in! But instead, I sucked it up and drove straight through to my house...where I heated up some cheesy, gooey lasagna. Perhaps not much healthier but it is cheaper!
On to week 2!


Heto said...

Congratulations! I've heard it takes 21 days to establish a new habit, so you are well on your way there! Keep up the good work!

Emily/Randomability said...

Way to go!!!

You should check out dailymile.com to keep track of running. If you do sign up, look me up there.

K said...

How do I find you on there Emily? I signed up for it...not sure if I'll keep with it but I did sign up for a challenge - first one to run 201 miles in 2010. Not sure what the prize or if there actually is one...but maybe it'll keep me motivated!

Emily/Randomability said...

If you can see my email, substitute gmail for yahoo. You should be able to look up via email address

Emily/Randomability said...