What happened??!?

Today started out SO well - I had a really great brunch second date with E with the hopes of a third date, bought a super cool new pair of Pumas. Seriously, they are so cool! Bright green with white details and they are slip on sneakers! I don't have to tie my shoes anymore!! Then a really good cheer practice - how did everything go so wrong so quickly?
Apparently it's my fault that Friend A is no longer friends with Friend B...not sure how that's my fault but apparently it is. Then, I get called a bad friend to Friend A because I no longer make an effort to hang out with them - um, hello!! I made so many attempts to hang out but they were ALWAYS busy. I got tired of being told no...remember, I'm not a fan of it? Then, it's somehow my fault that Friend B broke up with his girlfriend or is having trouble or I don't even know because Friend B won't speak to me...but it's my fault that they are having issues, like I wanted that or something. I didn't, for the record. I wanted Friend B to talk to me again. Then, I'm really getting the impression that Old Dude is trying to blow me off. He hasn't come straight out and said that...but I'm wary. Eh, he is the first guy I've introduced to any of the Wilkie's in 8 years...I should have known better!! That's what I get for thinking he's a nice guy...
Also, I have absolutely zero desire to go to work tomorrow. I wish I got sick days, I would totally take one tomorrow!! I need a day to sit around and pout about how wrong things seem to be going.

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