No, that's not a new superhero - that's Halo's version of the hot dog. I really like the idea of a hot dog wrapped in pretzel dough...but it wasn't a hot dog!! It was more of a sausage dog - totally different and not that tasty. The pretzel part was really good though!! I'm going to have to place Halo at the bottom of my list because 1)it was was expensive!! $8 for a hot dog, chips and a soda...seriously!?!?!? I can't afford to keep up that hot dog habit!! Also, 2) there isn't any room for variation. It was a sausage dog, wrapped in a pretzel. You could dip it in ketchup or mustard or whatever...but you can't make it much different!! No room for slaw, chili, onions...no thanks!
The hot dog cart on Ashley Ave is also out - turns out I was mistaken. It's a Chinese food cart...which leads me to think I made up that I heard it was really delicious. I guess I assumed that because it was a hot dog from a cart it had to be good. But no hot dog? no good!
I also made it over to Skoogie's in Mt. Pleasant. I liked the idea behind this place (though I hate their hours!! Who closes at 4pm???). There was a couple picnic tables and a long bar to eat the dogs at. There were articles on the wall from local newspapers about how great the hot dogs were at Skoogie's. As I ordered my hot dog from the counter, the guy rang a cow bell everytime someone tipped them - there was A LOT of cow bell! You can never have enough cow bell though, right? Oh wait...you can...The meal was cheap though, at only $5 for a hot dog, fries and a drink. They had milkshakes that sounded pretty good but I'll save that for the next visit. The hot dog came on a bun with poppy seeds which I thought was an interesting touch. The dog was nice and juicy with just the right amount of ketchup. I'm going to put these guys in second place - cooler atmosphere and tastier dog than Five Guys but not nearly as good as Perfectly Franks. Next up...Johnny's and the hot dog cart on George Street - this hot dog cart is real so no worries!

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Maybe they have chinese hot dogs!