Dog-gone it!

Hot Dog 2010 continued tonight. I went to Sesame Burger and was expecting something amazing. After all, they grind their own meat, make their own ketchup...this was gonna be good! Except it wasn't. It was a store bought hot dog that tasted like a store bought hot dog. I asked if they grinded (ground?) their own meat and they said no that they used to but switched over to Hebrew National Dogs. Disappointment! The dog was of the fat variety, which I know most people like but I prefer the skinny ones. The ketchup was good but didn't have a very strong flavor - I had to put a TON on to taste it. I think I have to put these guys in last place so far, which saddens me but I won't not go there anymore - I just won't get a hot dog there! So far, the standings are:
1. Perfectly Franks
2. Five Guys
3. Jack's Cosmic Dogs
4. Sesame Burger

In other news, WTF is Ninja Johnny doing back in the picture??? I "moved" back to NC (as far as Pivotal knows anyways) and hadn't heard from him much anyways. Now I used to have a giant crush and mischievous intentions with him - he was hot (in my mind anyways...more to do with him being part ninja than actually being cute) and had a rocking body. But boy, was he dumb! He might have been worse than Best Buy Boy in the brains department...well, maybe not. They were probably tied. Now, out of nowhere, he's asking if I want a private ninja lesson...I do not think he has the ninja kind of rolling around in mind. I'm gonna have to turn him down. Not to mention he has an on-again, off-again girlfriend...douche.

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Debbie said...

He's not "Ninja" Johnny anymore anyway! Remember? He lost that title to "Brown" Johnny!