I don't think Old Dude gets it - you can't change your mind about BBQ. You can't turn back! I had my heart and my hopes up about BBQ and he decided we should go eat with his brother and sister-in-law at the Kickin' Chicken to watch the USC game. Wait, don't get confused by USC, I meant Carolina. Oh wait, still confused??? Not North Carolina like the rest of the country thinks...the University of South Carolina, yeah...the one no one cares about?!?!? Anyways, I was not pissy about going out with the brother and sister-in-law - I like them!! But I would have been a much happier girl if we'd gone to BBQ then met up with them..or if they came with us and then we went to watch the game that I didn't care a thing about. I was also pretty hungry which didn't help my mood. After I got some food in me I did become a little less pissy...now if I could get BBQ in me I'd be the happiest girl in the whole wide world.

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