I am going to need the specialist offices (and Malinda) to consult with each other before they go sending goodies over to my office! Yesterday, Dr. Sparacino sent sugar cookies. They are the cheapest, grossest looking cookies but they melt in your mouth! They are so soft and sugar and awesome and I can't shovel them in fast enough! I was really happy when he sent them over....until today. Today, Malinda brought over a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts. They are my weakness. Just ask Mrs. Beth about when she cursed me with big hips for eating too many donuts. I'm still mad at her for cursing me. Anyways, a dozen donuts quickly went down to 7 donuts. Yes, if you are good at math I did eat 5 donuts. They are just so good and they melt in your mouth and I can't help but shovel them in! I was talking to S with a donut in hand (and mouth) and picked up a second. I had half of it gone so quickly she thought it was the same donut. It's so cruel to put Krispy Kreme donuts around me!
If all that weren't bad enough, Dr. Long's office sent over bagels and cream cheese on the same day! How am I supposed to eat 5 donuts and 2 bagels in one day, after eating 3 cookies the day before?!!? I lead such a rough life...

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Emily/Randomability said...

That is one thing that I miss about working in an office. Food days and treats that vendor's bring in.

By the same token, I also don't miss it. ;)