I think I've found it - the best hot dog in Charleston!! I know, that's a pretty bold statement but Johnny's was really really good. I really think it's going to come down to Perfectly Frank's and Johnny's but there are still a few places left to check out. Johnny's is a window beside a hardware store - they have limited hours (7am-3pm) and are always busy! I got my hot dog at 10:45 today and there was a good sized crowd already gathered. My hot dog came out in a bun that was steamed to perfection - I knew the bun was important but I think this has been the only place that steamed it and boy, did that make a difference! The hot dog was also juicy and delicious and they didn't skimp on the ketchup. I got the hot dog, a bag of chips and a bottle of Cheerwine for only $4!! Hot dogs should be cheap, after all! I'm curious to see how this place stands up when I start piling on the toppings but for a basic dog?? I think Johnny's is going to be the place to go!
Oh and the standings so far?
1. Johnny's
2. Perfectly Franks
3. Skoogie's
4. Five Guys
5. Jack's Cosmic Dogs
6. Sesame Burger
7. Halo
Starvation is starting to set in - Old Dude and I (I guess he wasn't trying to blow me off...he was sick but whatever, that's not an excuse...I should still be a priority!) are heading to try this BBQ place that I have heard it is legend...wait for it...it's gonna be so good and I can't wait, hopefully it'll be like NC BBQ which is what I've heard...dary! The place is called Moose's and it's WAAAAAYYYY out in Monck's Corner somewhere. I've been working on cutting down portion sizes so I can try to get my weight back under control...unfortunately that's left me starving and it's only been 2 days!! I think it's ok to make an exception for BBQ though - after all, it's fat free....isn't it???

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