boo-hoo...poor Kristin

So I'm going to whine for a minute...I'm going to go ahead and warn you because if you don't want to hear/read me whining, stop reading now!
I really wanted to go to the Boone Hall Oyster Roast. We've (me and K) have gone for the past 3 years, I've been telling her how excited I've been about it. This year we also invited SB but she had to work. I asked a couple other friends too but they don't like oysters and don't think that an oyster roast sounds fun. Now for those of you who don't know, what is the Boone Hall Oyster Roast? They have 65,000 lbs of oysters and it's at an old plantation. They have bands, vendors, oyster eating contests, oyster shucking contests, and well, they just have a fun event! So, anyways, back to my whininess (I'm not sure that's a word so I'll just spell that however I want):

I asked K if she wanted to go a couple weeks back and she said sure. Now K is a prissy kind of girl, though she will deny that for about an hour if you tell her that. Then, 2 days ago I call her and say, "Hey why don't you see if you can locate a chair to bring? I am borrowing one from someone but they only have 1. This way we don't have to stand the whole time." I get a voicemail back that says "I spoke to N. and she said it's supposed to rain all day Sunday and be like 35 out. Do you really want to go?" Now....ok I've been so excited about this for like 3 months, yes I really want to go...but obviously based on your tone of voice, you do NOT really want to go. So I get a text last night that says "Do you still want to go? They raised the price." Ugh! So I tell her that I do still really want to go but it's pretty obvious that she does not, so I guess that means we are not going. So now, it's the day of the oyster roast and it's cloudy but not rainy (the weather said it would be misting) and it's cold (45 deg) but not insanely cold (35 deg).
I just don't want to go by myself...it's a festival and I won't feel very festive if I'm out there all alone. And before you crazies go and suggest that I'll meet people out there, no I won't! I will have my "I dont' want to talk to you" look on my face and no one will approach me. So now I am sad...and will be until I have yummy warm oysters in my mouth.

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Anonymous said...

That's so frustrating! On the one hand, I know not everyone gets as excited about things as I do, but on the other hand, this is why I go to things that other people are excited about and I'm not as excited about -- because I'd want someone to return the favor!