So I'm sitting next to M. when he pulls out his phone to write an email. That's fine, I don't care...but then as I"m reading over his shoulder as he types this email he refers to me as his "friend". He actually used "these" with the word "friend." That's worse than just saying friend! Now I'm not sure what term I wanted him to use but "friend" was not it! I didn't need girlfriend...I mean, we're not seeing each other people but still, I'm not sure that I"m ready to refer to him as my boyfriend. But I sure as heck wouldn't say "friend". I can put "words" in quotation marks too. See how he "likes" that. I'll "show" him. "ugh" I don't "need" this right "now"....I have "other" things to worry about.
Oh and his "steak" (ok well it really was steak, so not "steak" but really just steak) was dry! How do you like "that", "M"?????


Anonymous said...

when you talk to him for the next couple of wks use finger quotes. I hate when people do it, but it could be really funny. Maybe then he'd get the hint that you're not just "Friends"
Love ya girl and miss ya. call me sometime.

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to G.I. Joe? I can sort of see using "friend" for that in-between phase, but why didn't he just use your name? I love the "ugh." LOL!

Kristin said...

"M" is G.I. Joe...so I think we're kinda past that in-between phase since we've been seeing each other for almost 3 months. However, I may have over-reacted (shocker, I know) since we established that while we weren't seeing other people, we still wanted to move at a slow pace.