Old people and the Dollar Tree

Has anyone ever seen that show "Primetime: What Would You Do?" I love it! It puts actors in situations and then sees how the people around them react. For instance, they put 2 Americans in Paris...and made them THE MOST annoying people ever. Then the recorded the reactions of the Parisians and other American tourists. The French didn't seem to mind the tourists that much but the other Americans were mortified. Anyways, that scenario has nothing to do with this post. So last night, one of the situations was if someone came and asked to cut in front of you in the Express Line at the grocery store and only had 2 items. Well they cut in, and then a second actor comes in with a cart full of groceries. So the tried it with an elderly woman cutting in vs. a young pregnant woman cutting in. (They also tried it with men, but again, irrelevant for this post). The young pregnant woman went up to an elderly man and asked if she could cut in front of him. He asked "For what?" She replied that she wasn't feeling well and just needed to pay for some medicine and go home. He ignored her and moved his cart up.
Jump to today: I'm at the Dollar Tree to pick up a ginormous toothbrush (doesn't everyone need one of those?). It's like senior citizen central at 1:00! So I have this 1 item and my dollar is out and this older gentleman in front of me has a cart FULL of items. Now I am in no way pregnant...but I am young. All I could picture was me asking if I could go ahead of him (I was on a time crunch...so I could get home to type up this blog before school)...and him flipping out on me. THEN! He offered to let his friend go ahead of him...who also had a cart full of items. Grrrr....


Emily/Randomability said...

I saw a bit of that last night. Where they person who cut in front was the 5 millionth customer and won $500.

Some of those people FLIPPED. OUT! It was kind of funny. I'd like to think that I'd be happy for them, but who knows what I would really do in that situation.

Kristi said...

OK, I know you're supposed to be big about it and everything and laugh it off, ha ha ha, but that is the kind of thing that just pisses me off for the Lack of Common Courtesy. I don't care how old you are you should be courteous to others!

Dude, I'm a harried/very tired mother of 2 toddlers (for the love of God) and I always OFFER to let people go ahead who have very few items thinking that karma will pay me back sometime when I really have to pee/put a kid in timeout/rush home to check my blogfeed. So far, not so much!