Bipolar Kristin?

So listen to this great new song they've recently started playing on the radio here. Gabriella Cilmi is the artist. She's supposedly super big in Australia and this is her debut song in the US. I like it.

So why Bipolar Kristin you ask? I swear I don't know who's going to be in my body from day to day. Yesterday, I cried 3 times. Over anything important? No...$5 parking, my unit not magically disinfecting itself at school, and American Idol. Yes, that's right I cried during American Idol. Today...I was in a good mood and happy. Joking around...all that good stuff. Unfortunately these mood swings have been going on for about a week.
I have barely spoken to any of my friends because I get upset so easily that I'm angry at the majority of them. Ugh...how am I supposed to keep this up for another month? One week of psycho behavior has me at my wit's end. I have a feeling by March 6 (36 days) I will have alienated everyone that I care about and taken out stock in Kleenex.
I guess I should apologize in advance: I'm sorry for being such a moody bitch...It was selfish of me to not take your feelings into consideration before I ______ you (please fill in: yelled at, ignored, hit, cut, bit, spit at...). What can I do to make it better? (Don't expect me to actually do it until after March 6.)

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