Cool V. Uncool

I got an email today from the head of the cheer program with a picture of one of our 14(maybe 15) year old girls drinking a beer. Now...she tried to hide it but really? Blue can? White stripe down the side with a tiny red stripe beside it? I know she put it in a coozie but really? Everyone knows whats in the can... I'm shocked that this girl was the one in the picture (there were a couple other cheerleaders in the pic...who actually didn't have a beer up and showing which is shocking although I'm just happy they didn't have crack in the picture. Drinking would be the least of what I would worry about with them) because she is a good girl but I think a little bit of a follower. Then again, what 14 year old girl isn't?
I briefly thought about telling her mom except - I wouldn't be surprised if her mom knew (after all the pics were on her facebook page) and I know her mom has been super stressed out and don't want to add to it. Plus it's not like I caught her in the act. Eh...I'm so disappointed in her though.

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Amy said...

all the photos are on FB! what the heck?