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I have an extra long lunch today...so I figured I'd take 2 seconds to blog - I have a date tonight but I can't seem to get stupid Early out of my head. Seriously - it's been over a month. Get out of my head! I should probably not go on a date while thinking about someone else...but eh...
I also just got off match.com. I was waiting for my subscription to run out (which it does in 3 days) and had every intention of getting off there regardless of my relationship status. Now...I am super off there. Officially cancelled.
Thirdly, I want to get another dog. I'd like to name it Jean Valjean. It should be a french dog of some sort because with a name like jean valjean, it can't be a big goofy dog. The name doesn't fit. Plus Jean Valjean (who, initially at least, will be referred to by his full name) would give Evie someone to play with. They'd have so much fun. I'm not actually going to get another dog but I like the idea.

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Amy said...

Let's go the shelter....tomorrow, and since you don't really want one...it won't matter we won't come home with anything...I mean they don't look pitiful or anything...BTW answer the d*amn phone.