Wedding Daze

This weekend, a very good friend of mine got married. I'm so excited for her & was very happy to be invited to support her in the beginning of this new chapter of her life. The wedding was so much fun - perhaps one of the most fun weddings I've been to! At first I was all sad-like because I didn't have a date...but I took A since she is also friends with the bride and she was a much more fun date than any boy! I didn't have to worry about keeping her entertained and that she was having fun. No, I did not have a built in dance partner but A and I did shag a couple times...or tried. A had to be the boy and I was the mostly clueless girl - but by the end, we were either drunk enough to think we looked good doing it or we really did look like we knew what we were doing. Either way it was fun.
Plus, another girl wasn't able to make it to the wedding (sad face) but her boyfriend did come so I adopted him as my dance partner - he wasn't exactly willing...but I dragged him into it!
It was a wedding filled weekend - next weekend is going to seem quite tame.

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