Best Buy Stalking

So I went to Best Buy tonight to check out the prices on How I Met Your Mother seasons 1 & 2. (they will be on my Christmas list...if I get presents this year) I haven't been in that store since I started avoiding Sexy Lexy. I was really worried that I would run into him (which would only start a new onslaught of phone calls/texts). Once I got there though I was hoping to see him from afar without him actually seeing me. For those of you who don't know: Sexy Lexy was nice to look at but if you actually talked to him you wanted to beat your head against a wall. I just wanted to check if he was as cute as I remember or if I was just delusional back then. I definitely didn't want to talk to him!
It was safe...he wasn't there. I guess I can resume my BB shopping now without fear. And yes, I know...why am I picking up employees at BB? He was at least a manager though...does that make it better?

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Heto said...

I would say no, but retail employees are people, too! HOWEVER, if this dude is dumb as rocks, forget it. No way you'd finish a crossword puzzle then!