fries, frosties and a little place in hell

A viewback to last year...I thought this was really funny:

So Ed and I were coming back from our awesome weekend in Greenville and we decided to stop at a Wendy's right outside of Columbia. He's been after me to try fries and frosties (which sounds downright disgusting), so off to Wendy's we go. We were waiting in the slowest moving line ever and there was what appeared to be a group of church-goers in front of us. Normal, seeing as how it was Sunday afternoon and all. All of a sudden, a group of 3 13-ish year old boys look at each other, give a little nod and burst into song. Like, pop, boy band song. Harmonizing and all. It was like I met DJ all over again (sorry Jess). Then, to make it worse, another 2 kids walked in, one of the originals gave THEM the nod, and they went into a Christmas song. Now I usually like Christmas and all, but this was just too much. This continued the whole time we were in line...about 10 minutes. I really wanted to go up to these boys and tell them about DJ and what their life would end up like...but instead we just made fun of them.


Heto said...

But what did you think of the fries and Frosty combination?

Emily/Randomability said...

Yummm... McD's fries and vanilla shakes.