Excuse me Aunt Molly!

I heard a rumor...that we are having O'Boyle stuffing. Not that O'Boyle stuffing is bad. Some people really like O'Boyle stuffing and in their mind O'Boyle stuffing is delicious. I just grew up with Staus stuffing and that is my preference.
I think that we may just need to have 2 oven-baked turkeys (I'll give up the fried one) so that we can all be happy...or you can sacrifice your happiness for me :)


Heto said...

What's the difference between O'Boyle and Staus stuffing? I'll be having... probably Stove Top, or maybe I'll spring for the good (ha) stuff and get Pepperidge Farm! That's what happens when you have to work the day after Thanksgiving.

Kristi said...

1. Do you live in the south?
2. Can I come to your house for Thanksgiving? I'll try not to make the O'Boyle stuffing but I can't make any promises.
3. What the hell is O'Boyle stuffing?

Heto said...

Your brother tried to explain the difference to me... and I guess it's something that I'll only ever understand if I try it, which... hmm. I think I might be better off without it! (No offense, O'Boyle stuffing admirers!)