Scrawberries and French Fries

So I came back to Fayetteville today...here's how I knew I was back: I had stopped in at BBQ Hut (good stuff...in fact scrumdidilyumptious stuff)and I dropped the money as I handed it to the cashier. I apologized and she said "Nah, you're straight" Actually she may have said I was scraight but I'm so accustomed to the st sound being replaced with the sc sound that I didn't notice. Ahhh...only in Fayetteville.
Then we had spaghetti for dinner and it was AWESOME (said in a sing-song awesome voice). I love the Wilkie's cooking. I also love the Wilkie's...I forget how much I miss them when I'm away. Then I come home and remember how awesome they are. Lil J is cute as ever. Dylan and Christopher are getting super big. Dylan is as tall as I am and Christopher is missing like 7 teeth!
Oh and a joke from Christopher:
Q: Why did Tigger go into the bathroom?
A: To find Pooh....get it...poo...Pooh...haha, ah the humor of a 7 year old!