The date

So I had absolutely no reason to be nervous last night...I have a tendency of freaking myself out over nothing. He's made roast, baked potatoes and veggies...everything was good. We walked his sister's dog...he made a comment about walking in a dark shadowy area of the condos as romantic...I pointed out that murderers could be lurking behind the trees (I know...kinda killed that moment, hehe!)...my boots were awesome, even though I accidentally left the price tag on the bottom of the shoe and based on his reaction I think he thought I overpaid....he's wrong though, they were so worth the money. I almost put them on with my awesome new PJ pants instead of slippers this morning. I would have taken a picture of that for you Heather :)

Test this morning...ugh! What in the heck does the muscle that keeps food on the occlusal surface of the posterior teeth have to do with anesthesia? You answer that for me Ms. Gottsman and...well, I'll still think it was crap to have that question on the test. And, no don't ask me what the answer is because I guessed the massetter muscle but I really am not sure.

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