I don't want to grow up!

Well maybe not so much grow up but rather grow old. We went to the nursing home today to see patients and I really don't want to end up in somewhere like that. It was a nice place and seemed pretty clean but still...it was pretty depressing. Most of our patients had pretty moderate deposits on their teeth (that's plaque and calculus...it was like caked on, gross!) and were unable to brush on their own. The ones who had dentures didnt' take them out so they never got cleaned. A classmate said that the nurses' aides changed people's diapers right in front of them. It would just make me sad. I hope that when I get to that age I'm still mobile and if I did have to go live in a nursing home that I would be around people like me that could still participate in and enjoy life. If I'm not mobile, I can only hope that my kids will come brush my teeth for me and make sure I still have a little bit of dignity.
Now I am making no promises to my own parents not to hole them up in a place like that and never come visit, I just don't want it for myself! Just kidding...I'll come see you once a month :) Or at least on holidays :)


Mom said...

you are so kind..... not to worry... I won't end up in a place like that.... I will be living with YOU!!!!

Auntie C said...

Good idea, Mom! Can I come live with you too? Then I'll never have to worry about deposits on my teeth!