So I read this on 100 Emails, 20 Dates and found this list of qualities she was looking for in a guy. I totally loved it and agreed mostly with her...so I stole it :) and amended it :)

--Smart: curious, open-minded, intellectually challenges me while letting his own ideas be challenged by me
--Funny: clever and/or slightly absurd sense of humor, slightly inappropriate sense of humor is preferable
--Conspiratorial: I want a partner in crime, someone to snicker in a corner with or run off and plan a practical joke on someone together
--Emotionally steady: More than someone to pour my heart out to when I’m upset, I need someone who can help ground me, be my emotional anchor
--Laughs at my jokes, even the inappropriate ones (P. once told me, “You make every joke inappropriate.” That was one of my favorite compliments)
--Has a job, or at least plans to get one and has some ambition in life.
--Celebrates birthdays, meaning mine
--Says “yes” or “maybe” to new things more often than “no”
--Physically affectionate: gives good hugs, preferably someone who can sleep all snuggled up
--Friendly/Sociable: someone who can get along with, or at least pretend to get along with, my friends.
--Lusts after me (and I lust after him) — you know, not every minute or even every day, but you want to be with someone you want
--Extra credit: someone who wants to try to help me finish the NY Times crossword puzzle every Sunday over breakfast

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Heto said...

The Sunday crossword puzzle is overrated. I much prefer the style section and the diagnosis column in the magazine!