I'm back!

Ok the test is done....I can now relax and stop stressing. Hopefully my eye twitch will start to go away because it is really starting to piss me off....as it goes off again. I swear thinking about my eye twitch stresses me out so it twitches...and I stress...and it twitches. Evil, evil cycle!
I also need to learn to shut my mouth about my blog. I was talking to one of the adjunct faculty about my blog and she asked for the address. I started to give it to her but actually stopped to think before speaking. Here were my thoughts: "If I give her the address, she can read it and hopefully laugh. Maybe she'll think I'm funny...I like her, I don't mind if I amuse her. What if she then comes and tells Mrs. Stewart or Ankerson or WORSE Gottsman about the blog? What if they read it...I have probably written some things that they would not approve of...like calling Ms. G a raging B! (which she is, I call them like I see them) This could go very badly..."
I told her it was on blogspot but not sure if she'll be able to find it or not...

Oh and speaking of V-Gotti being a raging B...she gave me a 0 on "conveys an understanding of principles previously learned" because I accidently wrote Roger Dr and it should have been Koger Dr...so I just wrote a K over the R. I did the same on the zip code, still completely legible and it was to go in the mail to a patients house. Obviously I didn't learn the fact that that is wrong last semester. I did learn how much I hate her though.


Mom said...

My recommendation is not to let any of your teachers read your blog at least until you graduate.... that is if you want to continue in the program! Blogging can be a bad thing!!!!

Heto said...

I agree with your mom!