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Nothing exciting has happened today...I went shopping with Prego Beth which was fun. I got some new pajamas :) I also found footie pj's at Target which are super cute...the feet look like monkey heads. I want them! I also got a really cute pair of cowboy-looking boots from Nine West on a super good sale...been wanting those for a while so the purchase is justified.
Tonight I have a 3rd date with GI Joe...I"m going to his house and he's making pot roast. We're going to watch How I Met Your Mother...should be a nice evening. Ok seriously though I'm really nervous, though I have absolutely no reason to be and I"m freaking out over nothing...but still! Ugh! I'm sure it will be fine though...I'm going to wear my new cowboy boots which I"m sure will just make the evening perfect! Updates tomorrow.


Heto said...

What's up with all the pot roast? Tonight some chick your brother works with made pot roast for all of the crew members in Fort Wayne! And I've had a craving for pot roast for weeks.

Instead, I made chicken pot pie from scratch! It was delicious!

Hope you had fun on your date! I want to see pictures of your boots!

Emily/Randomability said...

Feety PJ's!! I want a pair for me. my kids love them.

Nicole said...

I know, I want to see the boots, too! Maybe the power of awesome footwear gave you the confidence you needed to get over your nervousness!