-to me thinking I was completely prepared for the test today.
-to there not being a road connecting the gas station and Hardee's
-to Hardee's chicken strips not being as delicious as I had hoped!
-to Ms. Gottsman for just being herself
-to my patient's calculus being still on her teeth
-to me for not getting it off
-to Ms. Simmons for realizing I did not get it off
-to Evie for being scared of all the other dogs at the dog park
-to all the other dogs at the dog park who wanted to hump Evie
-to it not being time for me to go to bed so I can stop yelling ARRRRRRRGH at everything.

But thank you to:
-my patient for showing up today
-Hardee's for having good fries
-Ms. Simmons for understanding that it was just a rough day
-Evie for not being an easy dog and allowing the other dogs to hump her.
-my second random blog commenter. And any other randomers out there who want to say they like my blog
-GI Joe and all the other soldiers/veterans who defend our country.
-my friends (and their moms) for making me feel better after my rotten day

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Jeanette said...

Little J says hey and when you're having a bad day think of him and the fact that you get to see him in just a few wks. We love Aunt Neighbor.