Oh no!

Katie made me nervous tonight...we got on to the topic of guys with facial hair, which then put us onto the topic of kissing guys with facial hair. That then turned into kissing new guys...and people who are bad kissers. Sigh...things that a girl has to worry about nowadays.
As you can tell I have nothing else to blog about...this is going to be a rough last half of the month unless some exciting things happen. Oh yeah and thanks to the waiter who got me my brussel sprouts tonight. No thanks to the $5 you charged for them.

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Heto said...

Ew, you eat those things? Gross!

Well, tomorrow you can post a list of the things you discussed re: guys with facial hair (are they shady? shadier than people with two first names?), kissing guys with facial hair (I will stay out of that conversation in order to spare you gross images of your brother), kissing new guys, etc.

ALSO FYI tomorrow's episode of Extreme! Home! Makeover! takes place in Toledo, so you should watch it. I went to the build site, but I didn't see anyone famous. You should watch it and then blog about it.