What a day, What a day!

So I'm a little down because I dont' have much going on right now. No job (or at least not one that gives me hours), no school, no one to talk to during the day...pretty much I'm bored!
I went downtown today to finish up some Christmas shopping and guess what totally cheered my day up? Some lady gave me a $10 off coupon for some jewelry because it was going to expire, and she wasn't going to use it...so I got it! And yes, I had already picked up some stuff to buy from there. And no, it wasn't for me. Ok well some of it was...but most of it was not.
THEN! I was feeling generous, I had seen Santa Claus, got this coupon, I was in a good mood! I decided to roll over to Kaminsky's (a yummy yummy bakery) to pass on the generousity and buy Dr. Joe a piece of cheesecake. Well, I couldn't decide for myself so I got pumpkin cheesecake, oreo cream pie, and blueberry pie. I figured that I could give the 3rd piece to his sister. Actually I was thinking I might eat 2 pieces, but giving it to his sister sounds a lot nicer. Well the guy ringing it up said that the Oreo pie was on him and he hoped it was delicious!
Now that's some nice Christmas spirit that's going on down here!


Emily/Randomability said...

something similar happened to me!

I was doing our grocery shopping at Meijer. When I was checking out, some guy with his son came up to me and gave me a $3.00 off coupon for an order over $40. He said that he didn't have it and so he shared it with me! That coupon expired the same day too.

That is so nice!!

Heto said...

I hope you survived the earthquake with nary a scratch!