So Neighbor and I got into a conversation about the type of vibe I give off to guys. The only type of guys who are interested in me are dirty, loser druggies. Now that is not the type of guy I would like to date...I'd be perfectly satisfied with a nice guy but nice guys just don't like me. Thinking back over the years....every nice guy since high school that I have liked has not liked me. Why is that? What kind of vibe do I give off that says "Nice guys stay away. Losers only!" Is there a post-it note on my back with that printed on it? Who stuck it there and when can I beat them up? Neighbor said that I do not give off a skanky vibe...but she's a girl, can she really sense that? So I'm going to badger her husband today and make him tell me...do I give off a skanky vibe? I surely don't try! I'd like to give off the "i'm a nice, sweet girl...but I'm lots of fun to hang out with" vibe. That's what Neighbor gets from me, but again, she's a girl, what does she know? Seriously...I don't go over the top with my makeup, clothes are never skin-tight/painted-on look, I gave up the Mariah Carey jeans years ago (Neighbor thinks that was drug-induced and I'll admit it was NOT a good look) my haircut is cute and slightly stylish, I don't get overly drunk very often, i've never gone home from the bar with a guy, I don't own clothes with words printed across my butt...so where is this skank vibe coming from?

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Rock This said...

You aren't skanky, so dont sweat it.