an interesting eventful day...

So as some of you may know I am in search of a job...things are getting just a little desperate over here so I'm branching out from just the dental hygiene jobs. I went to the mall today, sure that I could get a job...after all I'm 26 and bound to be more dependable than the teenagers looking for summer jobs. I swear if I heard one more time "we're accepting applications" I was going to punch somebody...in their bad eye! Seriously, I asked if you were hiring, not if you were taking applications. It does not help me to waste my time filling out an application if you are not hiring for another couple months. So I finally got an interview at Dilliards...ok, fair enough. They were willing to break their hiring freeze for the right person. That's me, right? Or so I thought until they asked "Who's your favorite designer?" F*ck! I don't even know. (No that was not my answer...well, it was my answer, minus the F word)...blew that one. Feeling quite beaten down and discouraged that I couldn't even land a mall job I decided to subject myself to yet more torture and drop off some resumes at dental offices.
The first one I went in search of was on Egret Lane...hmmm, ok not a main road but I'll go search it out. It was a neighborhood. They directed me to a dentist house. I should have walked up to the door and said my little spiel...but I thought that might get the cops called on me so I kept driving.
The next one I went to had someone sitting in a chair and swiveled so I could only see the side of their face. They were leaned back (not towards the computer) with their arms crossed in front of them...they appeared to be sleeping...or dead...hmmm. Not the type of office I want to work in if you can sleep (or die) in the reception area.
Onward I went...one place said "Oh maybe he can use you one day a week" (sweet, it's better than the no days a week I'm working now). They said they'll call. The next place said "Oh we received like 5 of these just today. But no we aren't hiring right now. However all of our hygienists are pregnant, plus one assistant, plus the doctor's wife...so maybe in a few months" (ummm...not sure I want to work there if you end up pregnant. Definitely not drinking their water!) Finally at the last place I went, I knew the receptionist so I bullied my way into an interview....hopefully that will pan out but I'm not too hopeful because I don't think they'll pay me but half of what I should be making (and yes, I know that's still more than what I'm making now but I said the range I was looking for...so we'll see if they counter-offer). But at least the last few places I went didn't have dead/sleeping people in the waiting area so that's an improvement.

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