An Eventful Evening

So I headed out with a friend in search of a peach milkshake. First stop: Hardee's....now I SWEAR that when I went by Hardee's in Fayetteville there was a big ol' sign that said "Try our Peach milkshake" Well, this one in Charleston has Orange Cream. I think they didn't get the memo from corporate that it's supposed to be peach. But whatever. Onward to Chick-Fil-A..."Welcome to Chick-Fil-A. Can I take your order?" "Yes, I'd like a #1 with no pickles, add cheese and on a wheat bun. And can I have a peach milkshake instead of a drink?" "Our ice cream machine is down..." What the! Don't make me start cussing at you woman...just the other day your grill was down, does anything work at your store? "Nevermind...forget the whole order" Onward to the next Chick-Fil-A...and there is the longest line EVER considering that it was 9:30 at night, seriously. Where were there 15 cars in the drive-thru? I counted...15, yeah...15! But the peach milkshake was worth the hour adventure...not sure if the friend agreed. Pretty sure he wanted to shoot me when I wouldn't get a milkshake at Hardee's...but he loves me so he let me have my way!

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