Fox is starting a new reality series "More To Love" featuring a large and lovable single guy who is looking for love (and ready to star on a new prime time relationship show). Supposedly the show is about "embracing and loving yourself no matter your shape or size." Well Fox...let me tell you, it doesn't sound like you are embracing my size or shape because a requirement for dating this guy is that you have to be curvy! I am not curvy but why should that stop me from dating a big guy? Hmmmm???? Also, why do all of the questions on the application ask about if weight has been an issue...why are you making weight such an issue? Hmmmm????
And yes, of course I'm going to tune in. Don't be silly...I've already written you into my planner! But I'll be sitting on my couch shoveling in popcorn and ice cream so I can get on next season...

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