You Better Work!

I have some things to work on. These are things that will probably better me and make me, in general, a more pleasant person.

1. I should wake up at least 1 hour before I need to leave the house. This way I have time to shower, do my make up and (this brings me to #2):
2. I should eat breakfast. I should allow myself enough time to cook breakfast. If I choose to have a shake, that is my choice. But I should make sure I have enough time to make it.
3. I should eat 3-4x daily. I have a bad habit of sending my body into starvation mode. I can think of at least twice in the last week that I have only eaten once per day. It's probably been more than that. Because I can only think back 3 days.
4. I should be better about taking my supplements. I take fish oil and magnesium. I should be taking 4-6 fish oil capsules per day to help aid recovery from my workouts and give me a healthy source of fat. If I remember, I take 2. I don't always remember. The magnesium is supposed to help me sleep. I don't remember to take it very often. I also should be taking Vitamin D, a multivitamin and maybe HCl. The HCl is a maybe because it seems to be giving me acid reflux, which means maybe my stomach is already producing enough acid on it's own. I'm taking a few days off to see if my sudden onset of acid reflux goes away.
5. As winter sets in, I tend to want to hibernate instead of working out. I need to maintain working out 4x/week.
6. I should work on taking in more water. I aim for 80-100 ounces per day. I'm usually right at 60. Hydration is a good thing.

These are all fitness/diet related. That is my main focus right now. There are probably other areas in my life that could use a ton of work but this seems the easiest to start with.

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Emily/Randomability said...

I need to do #5 as well... I have no excuse as we have a treadmill and an elliptical/recumbent bike at home.